Content Sharing

All your digital content...

Images, videos, maps, web links, illustrations, infographics... anything, can be sent straight to your customers' screen. Even mega-pixel images display over 3G instantly, thanks to our image optimisation technology which ensures a super-responsive customer experience every time.
No buffer face here, Kevin.

...and your print content, too.

Load your brochures and catalogues, manuals and user guides into Full Picture and get on the same page as your customer, literally.
Have a sales call to make? Just load Full Picture with your PowerPoint slide decks and cut between product imagery and pitch slides on the fly.

Document SharingNew

As well as sharing your PDFs, presentation and office documents on screen, you can also push them to your customer's device. So you can share a copy of your presentation, T&Cs, Direct Debit forms, FAQs, Travel guides, Warranty/Insurance documents… anything.

Video On Hold

Hold time is no longer dead time. Send your customer a video. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase other products and services whilst you attend to matters in hand. Don't have video? No problem. Full Picture will convert a bunch of photos into a slide show, on the fly.

For Agents

Tag it, link it, find it... fast!

Full Picture will index everything you load up, which makes finding your products by name, SKU, keyword or tag, a snip! In addition, anything can be linked to anything else, creating groups, hierarchy and lists, so navigating between related items is super intuitive for your users.

Drawing Tools

Go beyond simply showing images… interact with them on the fly, put on a show! Full picture has tools to pan and zoom, annotate illustrations, highlight areas of a PDF page, add push-pins to maps and even a "laser" pointer to bring attention to points on screen.

Knowledge Base and Contextual Help

Full Picture comes with a comprehensive knowledge base and contextual help. From step-by-step getting started guides to detailed documentation on Admin tasks such as setting up custom branding, it's all here.

Customer View

Full Picture's Customer View is always in sync with what your customers are seeing on their screen. Know exactly where they are in a video, see when they pan and zoom an image or even flip their mobile device, cropping details. You can even see if they have left your presentation to look at something else.

Recall and Replay

Despite Full Picture increasing the chances of a first call sale, we know customers call back, sometimes several times. Past sessions can be recalled, picking up where the last call left off and all the session history will be reloaded. The Agent's dashboard provides quick access to the agent's most recent sessions. And because the original agent may not be working when a customer calls back, you can search colleagues' queues as well.

Off-the-cuff or pre-prepared?

When responding to in-bound calls, you never know what content you will need, and that's why Full Picture makes it so easy to search and navigate your content libraries. However, outbound sales agents may already know what they are going to talk about. So they will appreciate the ability to create and preload a session with all the slides, images, videos and other content they need ahead of a call. And nothing stops them from pulling in additional content if the pitch goes off-piste.

For Customers

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Browser

All your customers need is an internet connection and a web browser. It works in any browser, with no downloads, plugins or installs. So Desktop, iPhone, Android, Tablet... you name it, if it's got a browser, it can display Full Picture.

Interact, if you want...

Two clicks and your customer is connected. They can now kick back, and enjoy your show. There's nothing more for them to do, you are in control. But if they want to interact, they can. They can recall previous slides, pan and zoom images, control video playback and so on. But don't worry - you can see exactly what they are doing in the customer view

Group View New

So the customer wants to bring someone else into the call? No problem. They can invite friends and colleagues to join their session by entering email addresses or phone numbers and Full Picture will send invitations immediately by email or sms. A link within the invitation opens a Full Picture window and logs the guest into the same session. Now everyone can see your presentation.

Upload Content SOON

Is your customer querying a document someone has sent them? Or perhaps they are trying to describe something to you - a broken part on one of your products, or perhaps they are trying source a plug to fit a peculiar socket. Wouldn't it be easier of they could upload a file, a photo or a video to the shared screen, helping you diagnose their problem?
Yep! Coming soon!

For The Business

Full Digital History

Who showed what, when & to whom? At last, look-to-book figures for the call centre. Every asset shown, every product discussed; all captured in a session and stored against a customer record which can be queried via Full Picture's API and imported into CRM, MIS and predictive analytics tools.

User Management

As the User Admin, you can add and remove users within your organisation, change permissions and view recent activity, quickly and easily. Our concurrent-seat licenses make Full Picture cost effective for both call centres operating shifts, and smaller organisations where a small number of seats may be shared between users during the day.

Embed or Full Screen New

Full Picture delivers the best customer experience when running full screen, showing crisp, high resolution images. But that's not always possible, or desirable - so Full Picture can also configured to run in a smaller, embedded window within one of your web pages. It has all the features of the full screen version, but it also brings a few benefits of its own, like increased branding possibilities, and integration with Web Chat.

Content Management

Getting products and content into Full Picture is a snip. You can drag-and-drop files from your desktop or paste images directly into the browser, we even have an uploader tool that compresses images before uploading them - great for uploading multiple hi res files in no time at all. Once loaded, there are super intuitive tools to link, edit and organise your products and content, create tags and keywords and set up permissions. Or you can just hook your CMS up to our API and push it all in!



Full Picture comes with its own CMS and a great web interface for manipulating content, but you may already be managing your products and digital assets in your existing web or enterprise CMS. Rather than duplicate that effort, you can update Full Picture from your CMS via its API and keep the two in sync.


Full Picture can be configured to call out to third party APIs at various points along the session flow. Pull customer data in to the agent's view when a known customer connects. Push details of products back to CRM as they are shown to the customer. And of course, update a customer's "touch point" record in CRM, complete with the wrap-up email summarising the session.


The Full Picture API exposes a set of Full Picture's admin functionality making it easy for you (or us) to build integrations with your systems; CRM, analytics, marketing database, etc. You can push content in to Full Picture and you can pull session data out. And of course, it's all documented.



Make sure your customers' experience your brand and not ours.
Upload your logos and backgrounds, customise welcome text and colour schemes, add your accreditation logos and set up your social links to make your Full Picture a seamless extension of your online brand.
It's all set up in minutes via the browser.

Bespoke Customisation New

If you want more than the out-of-the box branding options, or you need modifications that go beyond what the API and CRM hooks offer, we offer custom development and consultancy through our parent company, Zolv.
Just get in touch to discuss whatever you are thinking…

Email Templates New

Research shows that following up a sales call with a summary email will increase conversion. So why wouldn't you?
Full Picture can help you by merging session content into customisable email templates tailored for different outcomes:
 * Thank you for your time...
 * Here's a quick summary of what we discussed...
 * I am pleased to confirm your order of...

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